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To Plan Your Retirement Smartly ....

Ensuring financial freedom after retirement is a crucial factor in a financial plan. Most individuals have several plans to realize after retirement. Some people plan to buy a villa on a beach; while others dream of a world tour
Even if you do not have such ambitious dreams, you need money to be readily available after retirement for....
Senior Fitness Tips for Age 50 and Beyond ....
The health benefits of a good exercise program are numerous.  Exercise helps maintain muscle strength and joint flexibility.  In addition, the stress put on our bones through exercise help maintain their strength and integrity.  
Even our mood can be improved by staying healthy---researchers have discovered a link ....

Eat Well for Less  
-- Web Based Learning:  Stretching Food Dollars
Eat Well For Less is a series of self-paced, web-based learning modules offering ideas about how to meet some of the challenges of running a household. The modules are available in English or Spanish. The program's goal is to share useful information about how to plan healthful meals, prepare tasty, low-cost foods that are quick and easy, and make food dollars last through the month.  Oregon Sate University Extension Service.

Tips For Finding A Good Long Term Care Facility ....
What is an ideal long term care facility? Various answers cropped up from the aged who, after all, make up a big percentage of the recipients of caring services in the USA and elsewhere for that matter.  Most men and women in their retirement years still prefer to be cared for by their children right in the comforts of their homes. However true, there are some individuals accustomed to their independence ....













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